Morgan Stickney: Journey To Japan

Red Phoenix Entertainment was proud to support aminoVital USA and Ajinomoto Japan in securing key endorsements with U.S. Olympians who were competing in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.  RPE also partnered with aminoVital to plan, produce, and launch its 2021 Olympics marketing campaign. 

Morgan Stickney is an elite swimmer, pre-med student and bilateral amputee competing on the 2021 U.S.A. Paralympic Team. At 15, she was ranked among the top 20 swimmers in the country, with her eyes set on the Olympics. Although an extremely rare vascular disease had taken both of her legs, she has not stopped competing at the highest level, and continues to be one of the most impressive swimmers in the world.

In this short-form video series, audiences learn about Morgan’s personal journey to becoming an Olympian, how she trains for the Olympic games, and what it means to be an Olympian. 

Credits: Morgan Stickney, aminoVITAL, Red Phoenix Entertainment, Piece Mill, Sophie Solomon, Kent Willard

Client: aminoVITAL
Link: Vimeo
Date: March 4, 2020